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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bingo On Facebook

Bingo on face book can be come a addictive but fun game. They have got it set up where you only can get so many chips a day but by completing sets you get more chips but have to play higher cards that cost more chips. So they have made it a kind of building your caricature type of game which I find additive. I've completed two sets and am about to complete the third within about a year so it isn't easy there is times I go a week without winning.

Its a facebook game so you will have to sign up but it is fun

Monday, August 31, 2009

Myst 3 Exile

This game takes a lot of time figuring out every thing. It takes a lot of patients and is very frustrating at times. But if you like puzzles this is the game to buy.

I myself had to go to the computer and look up walk-through's and like a more of an action game, but my brother lo9ved this game.
Three stars

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fallout 3

I'm not going to be able to give the best review for this game because my nephews had it rented for 5 days and they played the first 4 but in that last day when I got to play I couldn't stop. Know I'm waiting for the money to buy it, that's how good it was.

First hand shooter, build your character, take on missions, and do what you want and go where you want to go.

Great 5 star

Monday, August 24, 2009

Fish Wrangler

A fun game i play on the computer is fish wrangler.
I don't know what it is about character building games but I become addicted and love to play these games.
Fish wrangler is a facebook game where you can fish every fifteen minutes building on skills, poles, boats, and challenges, catching knew and fun different fish.

They all so have different things like daily/monthly tournaments, different Islands, quests, and special chum/bait.
So as I work on the computer I've all ways got fish wrangler on another tab were I can go to every fifteen minutes and hit fish now and see what I can catch.
If you like the challenge of building your character try this fun online game at fish wrangler. It is a facebook game so You will have to sign up for face book but face book does offer you a good verity of fun games so might as well sign up.

4 stars

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guitar Hero

Picked up the guitar hero today for the first time in about a six months and it was like riding a bike you never forget. I can still play expert on all the songs that don't have a really fast beat. The up and down supper fast beat is something I was never able to get. I own 1, 3, and Arosmith, but 3 is my favorite. And of course have rented them all at one point or another.

Love this game and its one of the most addictive video games in my history of being a gameoholic.
Thumbs up 5 star +

Friday, August 21, 2009

Marrowind The Elder Scrolls 3

If you havent played Marrowind the elder scrolls 3 yet its a must. I know its been out for awhile but even know I find my self playing after all this time. I even started my own walk-through but its going to be a while before I get to much of it done because of how much there is to this game.
And yes I have played Oblivion and beat it in about two weeks Marrowind is the better of the two (my opinion).
Each faction quest is like a knew game right know I'm going through the temple quests.

I'm sure right know you could probably get it used for real cheep for the Xbox.
Thumbs up 5 star ++

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ninja Gaiden

I know this game is about 4 years old, and there is a part 2, and 3 but I bought it for 499 at game stop and cant stop.
Very hard game but if you get into it you cant stop.
I'm playing on a xbox.
Basically you build you're character by getting essence. The essence you use to upgrade weapons, buy potions and moves.
All so there are artifacts you can find that give your character more life and magical power.
Thumbs up 5 star.